Giving Back

We love getting involved with the community we live in and beyond, across the globe!


Mission Trip to Nicaragua

In addition to our dedication to treating patients of all backgrounds and needs at home, the Smile Lodge has also participated in international outreach. In September 2019, our team took their first trip to Nicaragua to provide the children of Matagalpa with exams, fluoride applications, and emergency dental care. While there the team provided over 300 fluoride applications to help strengthen the children’s teeth and decrease their likelihood of developing cavities. In addition, with the help of Spanish translators, children were given toothbrushes and taught about the importance and of oral health.

Additional groups, such as a group of Syracuse based pediatricians, have continued our mission by providing additional fluoride applications throughout the year, with a goal of 4 applications per child per year due to their limited access to pediatric dental care in Nicaragua. The Smile Lodge hopes to return once a year to perform dental treatments and reinforce the importance of dental hygiene, hopefully shaping the future oral health of the Matagalpa community.


The Smile Lodge is committed to making sure that every child smiles because we believe that is what they deserve. We take the time to invest in our local community by connecting with schools, daycare centers, and Head Start programs.

Our staff of Hygienist and Dental Assistants visit to teach children the importance of dental care, how to maintain great oral hygiene and give them the tools to do so at home.  If you are interested in a visit from our team, reach out to us today!

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